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HotCoats Powder Coating is Northern California’s only option for custom powder coating. We apply all our coatings to manufactures specification and stand behind everything we do. Our prices are competitive and HotCoats will not skip steps in the preparation process that may hinder adhesion and possibly cause a coating to fail. We offer a 7′ wide x 22′ foot deep oven and a 14′ wide x 26′ deep media blasting booth. If you have an extra long item, HotCoats can also coat up to 32 foot long gates and hand rail with our custom made oven extension. Call us for specific construction requirements. HotCoats does everything in house to ensure a high quality coating is applied. We will not ask you to bring your project already sand blasted unless it has been previously powder coated. If your personal project or business is requiring additional attention to meet your expectations, trust HotCoats Powder Coating.

What We Powder Coat

Architectural Items:
Decorative railings, Gates, Fencing, Balconies, Stairs, Light fixtures, Ramps, etc.
Construction/Building Materials:
Doors, Window frames, Lifts, Doors, Ladders, Fasteners, Railings, Scaffolding, Gutters
Frames & Chassis parts, Wheels, Hitches, Roll bars, Valve covers, Engine parts, Bumpers, etc.
Lawn furniture, Light fixtures, Shelving, Mailboxes, Lawn ornaments, Appliances, etc.
Pumps, Fixtures, Work tables, Housings, Pipes, Machinery & Components, etc.
Anything Metal:
Bicycle parts, Antiques, Tool boxes, Display racks, Shelves, Go-karts, Shopping carts, etc.

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